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Paratus is a Document Management  System. The amount of documentation that lingers in the office is becoming impossible to manage by hand. As our business liabilities become an increasing burden, there  comes a need to manage, renew  and make sure we retain these pieces of paper. Having a Document Management System in place to deal with time sensitive files becomes imperative. Mense Transportation Solutions has developed an Image Document Database to manage and facilitate the day to day paperwork that flows through the organization.

Paratus has templates geared to cater to the Transportation Industry, with the immediate capacity to manage documents for any industry. Hours of Service and Maintenance Auditing are just a couple of the features implemented in this diverse package. A recognizable interface to deal with the ongoing responsibility to make sure your drivers and equipment are meeting Regulatory Compliance. Once the information is entered, the system will alert you when compliance issues are not met. Report driven and centrally stored information which can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.

In the Transportation Industry, there are a few stories that you need to record. These stories are ongoing and must be part of files that will continue to grow for the life of the business. Paratus is aware of these stories and makes sure your staff is aware of the expectations that are met as well as the short comings that are not in this liability burdened industry. Time sensitive documents like; Drivers Abstracts, CVIPs and Insurance; are managed in such a way, that the system will give you a warning when they are up for renewal. Training requirements are documented and let you know whom needs certification and in which areas. This information can then be cross referenced to make sure qualified and suitably trained personnel are always on the job.

Paratus lets your management team do their job. Paratus is Hierarchy driven. This Hierarchy system will alert the appropriate people systematically through the chain of command. Essentially escalating the item or items that need to be addressed to make sure they are acknowledged and dealt with in a timely manner. Together; Exception Reporting and this Hierarchal System, make Paratus an essential tool for managing all your company’s assets.

Paratus comes with backend plug-in support for tracking devices. Built in Mapping features make locating your people or equipment a non-issue. Whether you are looking for Cellular or Satellite solutions to meet your tracking goals, Paratus holds the backend support. When you are ready to implement Electronic Logs, Electronic DVIRs or GPS devices to know where your STUFF is, MENSE Solutions has a solution for you.



Mission Statement:

Our company’s mission is to assist companies involved in transportation to become and remain compliant within the requirements of Alberta Transportation Legislation.